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Exclusive textiles

With swela club, it has been possible to combine comfort and maximum colour brilliance in a durable upholstery fabric. The high degree of fabric elasticity ensures that swela club is shape-retentive and tear-resistant. At the same time, the fabrics feel pleasantly soft and are particularly easy to care for thanks to the Teflon finish on the surface of the textile. This exclusivity is perfectly complemented by a great variety of colours and high colour brilliance.

Made for the outdoors

UV- und Sonnenschutz

UV and sun protection

Wasserdicht bis 25 mbar


Technical specifications

584 ..
Material compositionISO 2076100% Polyester
Fabric widthEN 1773≈ 140 cm
WeightEN 12127≈ 300 g /m²
Water column(EN 811)> 25 mbar (250 mm)
Light fastnessISO 105-B02Grade 7
Weather fastness(ISO 105-B04)Grade 7
Tensile strength(EN ISO 13934-1)≈ 2200 N¹
≈ 1400 N²
Elongation(EN ISO 13934-1)≈ 35 %¹
≈ 30 %²
Colour fastness to rubbing(ISO 105/X12)Grade 4-5³ | Grade 4-5⁴
Fastness to sea waterISO 105-E02Grade 4
Chlorine resistanceISO 105-E03Grade 4-5
Water repellencyAATCC 22-1996Grade 80
Oil repellencyAATCC 118-1997Grade 4
Abrasion resistanceEN ISO 12947-2≈100000 Cycles
Pilling resistance(EN ISO 12945-2)Grade 4-5
Important: Reversible
1 warp
2 weft
3 dry
4 wet