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Sun protection for discerning tastes

Our Outguard FR collection comprises versatile outdoor fabrics which guarantee enthusiasts of ther great outdoors an atmosphere of well-being. As a result of a special finish, the tearproof sun protection fabric is not only waterproof and resistant to UV rays, it is also inherently flame-retardant. The fabric does not contain any halogens. Moreover, Outguard FR excels as a result of a broad selection of colours which appear even more intense in colour thanks to their shine.

Made for the outdoors


Halogen free

UV-resistent und hochlichtecht

UV-resistant and extremely lightfast

Schmutz- und wasserabweisend

Dirt-resistant and water-repellent




Easy to care for


High tensile strength

Extrem hohe Scheuertouren

Extremely high abrasion resistance

Technical specifications

MaterialISO 2076100% Polyester
Finished widthEN 1773≈ 170 cm
WeightEN 12127≈ 210 g/m²
Piece length≈ 60 m
Resistance to water pressureIEN 20811≥ 100 mbar (1500 mm)
LightfastISO 105-B02≥ 6-7 [von 8]
WeatherproofISO 105-B04≥ 6-7 [von 8]
Maximum tensile strengthISO 13934-11500 N⁵ / 1000 N⁶
Maximum stretch capacityISO 13934-125%⁵ / 20%⁶
Abrasion-resistantISO 105 X-12Grade 4-5 (of 5)¹ / Grade 4-5 (of 5)²
Chlorine-resistantISO 105-E03Grade 4—5 (of 5)
Water-repellentEN ISO 4920Grade 4 (of 5)
1 dry
2 wet
3 light colours
4 dark colours
5 warp
6 weft