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Where shade matters

Screen fabrics from swela are PVC-free

High-tech for windows

vuscreen is an ultra modern sun and anti-glare shade for windows. The cloth protects against light reflections and mirroring. Many designs meet the current legal requirements for computer workstations. But the slightly transparent, light and air-permeable polyester fabric can do even more. It has all the features that a modern fabric requires for use in commercial property. For example, some fabrics are flame-retardant and aluminised to maintain the quality required for professional use.

Outdoor curtains

When outside, outdoor curtains offer privacy when it is desired. Outdoor curtains shield heat and sun rays and ensure that you have a pleasant time in the open air.


Outdoor screens are particularly popular for protection against the sun. UV rays, which cause furniture fabrics to fade, are effectively shielded by the screen fabric.


The quality of a parasol is shown mostly by the shield itself. The colour must not fade, effective shading has to be guaranteed and the fabric must not be affected by opening and closing frequently.

Sun sails

Similar to parasols, their main purpose is to protect from UV rays and provide shade. In addition, sun sails are exposed more due to the way in which they are fixed.


The textiles used in a pergola are permanently exposed to the wind and weather. Good quality and, above all, resilience are factors which characterize these substances.


Sun protection is also necessary in conservatories. And while there is no wind and rain, the solar radiation is intensified when it passes through the glass and temperatures increase at the same time. Even with these extreme influences, swela awning fabrics keep their colour and shape, without foregoing actual sun protection.


vuscreen fabrics are PVC-free, contain no harmful substances and are highly recyclable.

The right perspective

From the outside, vuscreen fabrics are almost opaque. But from the inside, they provide a view of the outside. This not only guarantees sun protection, but also gives you privacy, without making you feel enclosed.

Thinner, but still retaining all the benefits!

Our fabrics are not only beautiful to look at. We use thinner materials with the same or even better quality so that the cartridges in which the fabrics are rolled up do not disturb the overall look of a house.

Flame-retardant (FR)

Many fabrics from the vuscreen collection are flame-retardant according to DIN 4102-B1. Consequently, these fabrics stand out in terms of safety and can, therefore, also be used without hesitation in the commercial property sector.