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outdoor fabrics

We are always looking for innovative solutions. This is why our team of technicians and engineers are continuously working on new technologies for our textiles. With numerous new developments, we have already been able to register many patents. This, in combination with the high aesthetic demands of our fabrics, which we put into effect in addition to the technical components of our textiles, makes us the leading brand of sun protection and maritime fabrics.

We are inspired by your aspirations.

Do you have high demands on textiles? That is good because your aspirations for quality and function drive us to continually improve and constantly check our fabrics. Consequently, we succeed in combining function with the highest requirements of sustainability, aesthetics and safety time and time again. And if something does not meet your expectations, we look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions. Our sales representatives are there for you and to answer your questions at any time.

Höchste Qualitätsstandards

The highest standards of quality

Flexible Liefermengen

Flexible order volumes

Kurze Lieferzeiten

Short delivery times

Beratungskompetenz national wie international

National and international consulting expertise

Individuelle Bemusterung / Dessins

Individual patterns and designs

Zuverlässige Reproduzierbarkeit von Aufträgen

Reliable reproducibility of orders



Globus Map
Globus Achse

Made in Germany according to international standards

Our high-quality products are made in Emsdetten, Westphalia –only the yarns and the auxiliaries are bought in. This allows us to keep an eye on all production steps and to continuously monitor and guarantee our quality. In addition, vertical integration allows us to respond flexibly to customer wishes and to proceed as sustainably as possible. That is quality and service ‘made in Germany’.

Globus mini

“Part of a

swela is a brand of Schmitz Textiles and thus part of a textile manufacturing tradition going back 100 years. Alongside swela, the brand markilux also belongs to the family business based in Emsdetten. With nine subsidiaries, Schmitz-Werke operates on a global basis. Inspired by international partnerships, the brands are ideally positioned to meet the demands of tomorrow’s world.