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Quality meets innovative spirit
in Emsdetten

At swela, all stages of production are under one roof – from the first idea to the delivery of our textiles, everything is carried out in our textile plant in Emsdetten, Westphalia. Every one of our employees is an expert in their field and ensures that the production processes run smoothly together. That way, we always have an eye on the individual production stages and can continuously ensure quality. At the same time, we can react flexibly to customer wishes thanks to this vertical integration and be fast and reliable in production. The result is technically high-quality textiles, which are produced by us to the best standard, while being environmentally friendly and saving on resources.

Input control

When ordering our raw materials, our high-quality fabrics are geared to the special requirements of our customers. All raw materials are tested in our internal laboratory. Only after being approved by our quality managers are they processed further. The raw materials can be traced throughout all the stages of production. This ensures the quality of our products and guarantees reproducibility.

Dye works

In order to colour the yarns according to our high quality requirements, the dye formulations are first individually compiled in our laboratory and, for post-production, stored in the system. We pay particular attention to colourants that do not pose risks to the environment. The yarns are subsequently dyed on cross-wound bobbins or beams in our boilers. The result is maximum colour fastness and unlimited colour possibilities.

Weaving mill

The dyed yarns are then prepared for weaving. They are collected either by machine or hand, and the weft yarns are prepared for the weaving machine. 125,000 square metres of woven fabric are produced every week over a space of 4,000 square metres.

Garment dyeworks

Another possible way of dying the fabric is to dye the finished fabrics one-by-one, rather than the individual yarns. This is done through the discontinuous dyeing and washing of the fabrics. This method enables low-cost production, even with small textile amounts.

Coating and finishing

In order to apply the special technical properties of the textiles, they are then given their high-tech coatings. They are hung over a tenter, dried, or treated with calenders, shrinking units and plasma. Further coatings using polyurethane, acrylate, foam and aluminium follow, depending on what the textiles are to be used for.

Fabric inspection and quality control

The quality of our products is constantly monitored by our technicians during and after each production step. In addition, a final quality check is carried out in our laboratory after completion. This allows us to maintain our quality standards and optimise them at all times. We are also supported by external testing institutes and universities as part of our quality control.

Warehousing and delivery

Thanks to our large finished goods warehouse, we are able to react enquiries and orders flexibly and quickly. As swela is an audited and certified sender, shipping is done by us, directly and simply.