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Perfect textiles for maritime needs

swela Maritiem

Versatile and only the best quality

Maritime fabrics from swela combine long-standing know-how in relation to sun protection and outdoor textiles with the special requirements of the maritime boat world. In addition, this collection benefits from the expertise and the development department at Schmitz-Werke, which focuses on progress. Certified to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, the Maritime Collection is durable, resistant to rot and weatherproof, tear-resistant, shape-retentive and fungicidal – what more can you ask for?

Boat covers

Without doubt, maritime covers are the textiles that have to be able to withstand the most. Constantly exposed to the wind and weather, there is no room for compromises in quality here.

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Bimini tops

If you would like to rate the quality of bimini tops, the best indicator is the behaviour of the fabric when it is constantly exposed to sunlight. But perfect stretching ability is crucial too.

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Winter tarpaulins

Since winter tarpaulin is supposed to provide protection, it has to be capable of certain things. Rain, wind, even snow and ice, should not leave any lasting marks. Quality and durability are prerequisites.

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Boom cover

Very robust and extremely weatherproof mast tarpaulin made of UV-resistant and breathable fabric is essential for the longevity of your boat. You do not have to make any compromises with our fabrics.

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Console covers

In order to protect important electronic and mechanical parts, a fabric has to be very good at keeping moisture outside. Our recommended fabrics are definitely the right choice for this requirement.

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Railing protection

Without neglecting the decorative factor, finding the best quality for these fabrics, which are in continuous use, should be ensured. It can also be the small details that determine the premium aspect of a boat.

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swela Hightech-Fasern

High-tech fibres

High-tech fibres make swela fabrics robust, long-lasting and breathable textiles.

swela SFC-Ausrüstung

SFC coating

The maritime SFC coating makes the textiles dirt, grease and oil repellent. They are fungicidal, hardly absorb any water, dry faster and stay nicer for longer.

swela dimensionsstabil

Dimensionally stable

Dimensional stability and sustained stretching ability prevent the formation of water pockets – that is something that swela maritime promises.

swela wetterbeständig


Besides salt water, the challenges for textiles used on the high seas are extreme. Strong wind, lots of rain, mixed with strong sunshine – our textiles are equipped to cope with the elements.