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Protection with a feel-good factor

Our outguard fabrics guarantee that you actually experience the sun when it is shining, just as it should be. After all, the beautiful luminescence guarantees a pleasant, feel-good atmosphere. In addition, the fabric provides protection against the rain thanks to its waterproof properties. Furthermore, outguard is used for covers, since the appearance and function of it form a great symbiosis.

Made for the outdoors

UV-resistent und hochlichtecht

UV-resistant and highly fade-resistant

Schmutz- und wasserabweisend

Dirt-resistant and water-repellent



UV- und Sonnenschutz

UV and sun protection


Easy to care for


Exceedingly tear-resistant

Extrem hohe Scheuertouren

Extremely high abrasion resistance

Technical specifications

393 ..
Material compositionISO 2076100% Polyester
Fabric widthEN 1773≈ 170 / 240 cm
WeightEN 12127≈ 190 g /m²
Piece length≈ 100 m
Water column(EN 811)> 200 mbar (2000 mm)
Light fastness(ISO 105-B02)Note 6-7
Weather fastness(ISO 105-B04)Note 6-7
Tensile strength(EN ISO 13934-1)≈ 1500 N¹
≈ 1150 N²
Elongation(EN ISO 13934-1)≈ 28 %¹
≈ 22 %²
Colour fastness to rubbing(ISO 105/X12)Note 4-5³ | Note 4-5⁴
Chlorine resistance(ISO 105-E02)Note 4-5
Water repellency(AATCC 22-1996)Note 90
Important: Reversible
1 warp
2 weft
3 dry
4 wet