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For challenging demands

vuscreen Salerno stands out due to way in which it combines sun protection and upholstery fabric. The sun protection properties mean that the heat is absorbed, thus ensuring a pleasant climate. At the same time, the fabric is slightly transparent and lets some sunlight pass through to create a pleasant atmosphere. In line with the noticeably good swela quality, vuscreen Salerno can meet challenging demands.

Made for the outdoors

UV-resistent und hochlichtecht

UV-resistant and highly fade-resistant

Schmutz- und wasserabweisend

Dirt-resistant and water-repellent



UV- und Sonnenschutz

UV and sun protection


Easy to care for


Exceedingly tear-resistant

Extrem hohe Scheuertouren

Extremely high abrasion resistance


Flame retardant

Technical specifications

322 .. soft FR
Material compositionISO 2076100% Polyester
Fabric widthEN 1773300 cm
Fabric weavefabric woven by shaft
WeightEN 12127≈ 290 g /m²
Fabric thickness(EN ISO 5084)≈ 0,50 mm
Light fastness(ISO 105-B02)Note 7
Weather fastness [fabric side](ISO 105-B04)Note 7
Colour fastness to rubbing(ISO 105/X12)Note 4³ | Note 4⁴
Chlorine resistance(ISO 105-E03)Note 4
Tensile strength(EN ISO 13934-1)≈ 2.500¹ / 2.500 N²
Elongation(EN ISO 13934-1)≈ 35¹ / 40 %²
Water column(ISO 811)permeable to water as a result of the holes perforating the fabric
Water repellency(AATCC 22-1996)80
Temperature resistance(DIN 53361)-30 / +90
Flame retardent(ISO 2076)DIN 4102 (B1)
OEKO-TEX® Standard 100Test-no. A96-0071 (FI Hohenstein)
1 warp
2 weft
3 dry
4 wet