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Colourful sun protection

Variety and quality that impress!

Rayos Markisenkollektion

Colours for all

Everybody’s tastes are different, sometimes even very different. Especially when it comes to something as large and prominent as an awning, you shouldn’t have to make any compromises. This is exactly why we offer swela Rayos in the largest range of colours, meaning that you can select the fabric and colour for your awning that is best suited to you.


Awning fabrics should be particularly robust and easy to care for so that they can be enjoyed for as long as possible. The fabrics used for awnings guarantee optimal shade and sun protection.

Window shading

For window shading, the fabric must have two important properties: it must be flexible and able to withstand a lot. But, at the same time, no compromises should be made in terms of taking care of the fabric and UV resistance.

Recommended products

Sun sails

Similar to parasols, their main purpose is to protect from UV rays and provide shade. In addition, sun sails are exposed more due to the way in which they are fixed.


The quality of a parasol is shown mostly by the shield itself. The colour must not fade, effective shading has to be guaranteed and the fabric must not be affected by opening and closing frequently.


The textiles used in a pergola are permanently exposed to the wind and weather. Good quality and, above all, resilience are factors which characterize these substances. resistance.


Sun protection is also necessary in conservatories. And while there is no wind and rain, the solar radiation is intensified when it passes through the glass and temperatures increase at the same time. Even with these extreme influences, swela awning fabrics keep their colour and shape, without foregoing actual sun protection.

Große Farbvielfalt

Countless colours

Rayos is synonymous with the best awning fabrics available, and comes in a huge selection of colours. This enables us to cater to your specific needs, for example, your company's corporate colours.

Leicht zu pflegen

Easy to care for

Our awning fabrics are distinguished by the fact that they contain a special property which prevents dirt from penetrating the fabric. Consequently, the surface can be cleaned easily and the vividness of the colour is preserved long-term.

Wie am ersten Tag

As good as new

Rayos awning fabrics are extremely robust. No matter if they are crushed or creased, they will not become stretched, and no traces of folding will be left behind. The awnings always look beautiful and new.

Matt oder leuchtend

A shining example

All Rayos awning fabrics are available in either a matt finish (sunvas series) or a glossy finish (sunsilk series). No matter what your preference is, Rayos is always the right choice.

Durchgängig schön

Consistently beautiful

The production of our awning fabrics involves utmost precision and the best-quality threads. Our special choice of thread and processing means that we avoid the so-called “Christmas tree effect” on the glued stitches and make them almost invisible.